Post – Field Trip Activities

Post-Field Trip Activities

Just as quality pre-planning is essential to the success of a field trip, planning for appropriate follow-up activities will facilitate student learning and multiply the value of hands-on experiences outside the classroom. The following activities provide a general guide when planning for post-field trip classroom experiences.
  • Provide time for students to share general observations and reactions to field trip experiences
  • Share specific assignments students completed while on the field trip.
  • Create a classroom bulletin board displaying materials developed or collected while on the field trip.
  • Develop a classroom museum that replicates and extends displays students observed on the field trip. For example, if the field trip involved an art museum, develop a classroom art museum containing student artwork.
  • Link field trip activities to multiple curricular areas. For example, students can develop vocabulary lists based on field trip observations; record field trip observations in a classroom journal; complete math problems related to actual field trip budget planning; etc.
  • Share and evaluate student assignments/activities from the FOSSIL FIELD BOOK.
  • Have the class compose and send thank-you letters to the field trip site host, chaperones, school administrators and other persons that supported the field trip. Include favorite objects or special information learned during the field trip.
  • Create a short news report about what happened on the field trip. Publicize the trip via an article in your local newspaper, school bulletin board, trip presentation for parent’s night, or class Web page.

Evaluating the Trip

Complete a “Teacher Journal” regarding the field trip. This will provide a good reference for future field trips.
  • What was of unique educational value in this field trip?
  • Did the students meet the objectives/expectations?
  • Was there adequate time?
  • Was there adequate staff and adult supervision?
  • What might be done differently to make this an even better experience in the future?
  • What special points should be emphasized next time?
  • What special problems should be addressed in the future?
  • What would improve a visit to this site in the future?
Share the evaluation with the students, volunteers, hosts from the field trip site, and school administrators. This information was downloaded from